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2018 Blaze Installment Payments


2018 Blaze Installment Payments

Welcome to the 2018 Blaze Installment Payments Registration!

The total fees for the 2018 season (excluding the fees for Cooperstown or Myrtle Beach) equal $2,300. You already made your first $500 payment when you secured your son's spot on his Blaze team. You can submit your remaining payments (including the entire balance) before the deadlines below and upon conclusion of this registration session via Visa, MasterCard, or Discover by indicating "Pay Online": 

- 2nd Payment ($600) due 12/1/17 
- 3rd Payment ($600) due 2/1/18
- 4th Payment ($600) due 3/1/18 
- Cooperstown (12U team only) ($1,300) due 4/1/18 
- Myrtle Beach (14U team only) ($950) due 4/1/18

Contact Kreg Jackson at (312) 282-5939 for questions concerning the 2018 season fees and payments.

Further Inquiries

You can also email your questions regarding this registration to:

Dan Neppl


Phone: (312) 933-7467